• ThumbsUp Surf

    Experience the fun & excitement of surfing in Bali!

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  • ThumbsUp Ninjas

    The most Radical kids program in the world! Surf, Skate, & Mma!

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  • ThumbsUp Camps

    Surfing, camping, jr. lifeguarding, wild survival, paintball... Oh my!!

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Radical Class Options

Group surf classes daily, and kids group classes Monday-Friday. Private 1:1 lessons 2:1 lessons or customizable groups of any size! Full or half day surf guiding for surfers in search of the ultimate thrill! Surf Coaching and in depth analysis for surfers of any skill level.

Excellent Equipment

From girthy softop safety boards, to little mini rip sticks, we have you covered with a full range of your favorite boards. We provide our customers with all of the best surf equipment including sunscreen, zinc, wax, rashguards & leggings!

Outstanding Instructors

All of our friendly, knowledgable, and fun loving crew undergo rigorous training including: annual lifeguard certification, ASI surf instructor certification, & our in house training. They have heaps of local knowledge and are stoked to help you on your path to surfing success!


Pickup available from your hotel or villa in one of our clean, air conditioned surf-mobiles. Froth on the latest surf flick, our in house instructional video, or just jam out to some tunes while on the road. You will arrive at the beach feeling fresh and ready to surf!

We Love to teach kids!

ThumbsUp Surf has the best kids program and coaches on the island. All of our instructors have tons of experience teaching kids, and are happy to get your little rippers stoked on surfing too!

We care about Safety!

Safety is paramount for all of our instructors, guides, and coaches. At ThumbsUp Surf, we are proud of our stellar safety record. Because we care, we have you covered by full comprehensive insurance at Bali's premiere hospital.