School Holiday Camps

ThumbsUp Camps are designed to be physically challenging, mentally stimulating, and educational. We provide campers with unique activities and experiences that will make their school holidays truly memorable. Campers will experience the best activites that Bali has to offer in a motivating, safe, and educational framework. They will gain character development, mental & physical conditioning, and long lasting friendships. ThumbsUp Camps makes this possible by creating the most innovative camp activities and by selecting excellent mentors, instructors, & coaches for your campers.

ThumbsUp Campers

An amazing day, or entire week, for visiting kids to mix with local kids and enjoy awesome ThumbsUp Camp activities.

Group Camp
900K IDR
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Local Campers

Positive, inspired holiday camps designed to give Bali school kids unforgettable memories during their school holidays.

Group Camp
700K IDR
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camp type Date
summer camp 28 Mounth – 1 Mounth click here
spring camp 10 Mounth – 14 Mounth click here
fall camp 1 Mounth – 4 Mounth click here
winter camp 18 Mounth – 22 Mounth click here